GEOlight®, water storage in underground reservoirs

GEOlight GEOlight® is made up of millions of cells and offers as many advantages for your underground reservoirs

GEOlight® is a block of cells made up of assembled thermoformed sheets. It is an ultra lightweight honeycombed modular structure with good mechanical resistance and a high void rate (95%). The GEOlight® units are made from fully recycled PVC films. The products are assembled in our plant in France or directly on site. The units are simply installed next to one another, without any connectors.

Patented distribution system

GEOlight inflitration system
The stormwater runs off into the pipes, and into the manhole. The water flow controls the operation of the reservoir:
  • For fine or moderate rain, the water flows in the drain (By-Pass effect)
  • In the event of heavy rain or storms, the water flows in the drain and fills the GEOlight units through the perforations at the top.

The GEOgrid protects GEOlight against stones and fill, and the vent enables the evacuation of air when the reservoir is filled.

Reasons for choosing GEOLIGHT®

Easy to use
  • Quick and easy to install (no accessories between units)
  • Wide range to suit all needs
  • Assembly on site is possible (reduced costs of transport)
  • Can be inspected without any technical equipment
  • High resistance to chemical agents (hydrocarbons)
  • Accumulated feedback from over 20 years
  • Fully recycled and recyclable product
  • Product "made in France" (waste, processing)
Technical features 
  • Operates in "By-Pass" mode under light rain (no unnecessary filling)
  • Horizontal or Vertical flow inside the structure.
  • Blockage of contaminants via the infiltration system

A large products range

 Thanks to large products range : the GEOlight answers of all storing stormwater problems, and it's possible to make a underground reservoirs anywhere :
Under green areas Underlight traffic structures
(car parks etc..)
Under heavy traffic structures 
(motorways, roads etc...)
The GEOlight is light and very easy, this honeycomb structure make it possible to put underground reservoir quickly and economical.


  • Under road or under green space storage reservoir

The reservoir limits stormwater inlet and acts as a buffer to prevent the saturation of the sewer systems and the overflow of outfalls.


  • Infiltration basins 
In the infiltration basin, the water is directly released into the ground: the lower surface of the cells is in hydraulic contact with the ground (but protected by a permeable geotextile) and the water runs off directly into the ground.

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Rainwater storage

Rainwater storage

How does it work?

How does it work?

GEOlight implementation

GEOlight implementation