Bacterial media support: Crosspack 22

Crosspack 22 This is a honeycombed structure designed for the biological purification of modular chamber and circular trickling filters. 

CROSSPACK 22, the filling common to all our trickling filters, is used to produce facilities with a high level of biological purification. It is suitable for all heights and all forms of trickling filters.

These structures are characterised by:
  • A specific and adapted surface.
  • A honeycombed structure that minimises clogging risks.
  • An assembly of smooth sheets that allows for a good control of the biofilm thickness (with the biomass drawn by its own weight), as well as restricting the development of anaerobic bacteria.

Reasons for choosing CROSSPACK 22

Crosspack 22

Crosspack 22 features:

  • A specific shape for improved punching shear strength
  • A large Exchange surface
  • High resistance to hydrocarbons
  • A rot-proof product 
  • A fully recycled and recyclable product

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Bacterial circular bed

Bacterial circular bed

Bacterial bed

Bacterial bed