Stormwater storage

Water storage The effects of urbanisation and climate changes over the past years have caused increasingly frequent and heavy rainfalls. The current drainage systems, often ageing and unsuitably maintained are no longer able to accommodate these volumes of water, thereby leading to overflows in existing systems and flooding which could be mitigated or attenuated thanks to these efficient systems.

Our GEOlight® storage solutions are key elements in the management and control of stormwater for all kinds of sectors (industries, building and civil engineering or private constructions).

What are ultra lightweight honeycombed structures?

Hamon Ultra lightweight honeycomb structure
Ultra Lightweight Honeycombed structures are thermoplastic products characterised by a high void rate (> 90%).

Ultra Lightweight Honeycombed Structures are used for civil engineering underground works for the collection, storage and temporary retention of stormwater, before it is released to the receiving medium (sewage or natural environment).

The mechanical characteristics of these structures enable the creation of heavy roadworks that can withstand traffic.


Principle of operation of an underground reservoir

Operation of an Utlra lightweight honeycomb structure

Underground stormwater storage reservoirs made up of ultra lightweight honeycombed structures have three primary purposes:

  • Collection: through a permeable surface coating and/or a conventional system
  • Storage: by a good distribution of stormwater in the reservoir
  • Release: the water is released to the receiving medium by infiltration or evacuation with controlled or limited flow rate.

Benefits of ultra lightweight honeycombed structures

Underground reservoirs made in ultra lightweight honeycombed structures have a number of advantages:
  • Blend in with the landscape: the reservoir is concealed and can be covered by a green space, a car park or a road
  • Easy to handle: the blocks can be transported manually, the modular design is compatible with the topographical constraints
  • Space gain: there is no land coverage as the reservoir is underground and can be covered up.
  • High resistance: thanks to their high mechanical resistance, ultra lightweight honeycombed structures can be used under road infrastructures.


 The Ultra Lightweight Honeycombed Structures can be used for various types of applications:

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Rainwater storage

Rainwater storage

How does it work?

How does it work?

GEOlight implementation

GEOlight implementation